Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Whoa! where'd the last three years go?

 Do you ever just take a look and wonder what in the world have you been doing for the last 20 minutes?  or 3 years?   Yes, that just happened to me.

So what does it mean?  I've been busy....  


What about you? I sure hope you have been doing the same.   Yes, we made it through that yucky time of staying home twidling our thumbs.. and since then.. ....  .....    ....  


Unfortunately some have had a little trouble, rebooting!  People slipped into a comfort zone and for some reason they can't find the key to get out.  Let me tell you what that KEY is...   


Yeah, pretty simple.  Turn the TV off, stand up, move your body, pay attention to what you put in your mouth and make sure when it's time for bed your body is ready for rest because it's been moving all day!


So... that's my short but sweet and informative blog for today! I've got to get moving now.. Look for me on social media or drop me a message.. I love to talk and walk!  

-Later Gators,


Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday Motivation

Monday - April 6th, 2020

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬. https://www.bible.com/111/gal.6.9.niv

Good Monday morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday and took some time to feel inspired.

This morning some of you had to physically go to work while others are learning a new normal by working from home. I am wondering if the Monday morning blahs mean the same thing it did just a few weeks ago in this covid-19 world we are living in.   I am concerned many maybe experiencing Monday blah’s every day of the week.   So how do you break the blah!

Well, you could all retire, like me.  I would highly recommend it but I also realize it’s not feasible for everyone to “retire” today.   So instead change your mind about Mondays or any day for that matter.  

The truth is you can set the tone for your day by changing your, ok wait for it... this is the big reveal....  build it bigger.... are you ready... ok here it is.. “CHANGE YOUR FOCUS!” 

Awe,,, you thought it would be bigger or some great mystery, no I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it all before so why are you sitting here wondering how to change your LIFE when you already have the answer?  Your belief isn’t there, you don’t have the motivation to be a better version of yourself, you are playing the victim card?

So back it up sister? Now you need to find What motivates YOU!  And this opens a whole world of possibilities.  Most people are motivated by financial gain, some by social acceptance, others are motivated by achievement awards, in other words put another medal around their neck and they are good to run for miles and jump high buildings in a single bound. But I am not thinking about others here I am thinking about what motivates ME and you should be doing the same thing.   

I am not sure this is something you can figure out in a moment or maybe you can if you’ve thought about it before.  But I would think many haven’t really FOCUSED on what motivates them.   We grow up doing the do like our parents before us not realizing we really need our own motivation rather than just doing what they did and what their parents did before them because more than likely those parents before them knew what their motivation was but somewhere through the years the reasons’ why we do what we do got muddled and we just kept doing what we were doing without a true reason for doing it.   (Whatever you do don’t read that last sentence again or you’ll be concerned I don’t know what I’m doing.) 

Back to the Motivation!  You need to figure this out or you will never be truly satisfied in your life because you will never achieve whatever it is that you are trying to obtain because you haven’t defined it.  That was a huge mouthful so let me tell you a story that may or may not help.  It helped me.

Many of you know my Dad was my hero.  He worked hard his entire life for his family!  I truly believe he did it for me and yet I don’t think he realized why he worked so hard his whole life until it got to the end of his life.   I believed he thought it was a good thing to work hard every day.  I believed he felt he was doing the right thing to work hard every day.   In fact, I don’t think he even thought about it much he just did it, EVERYDAY!  

About a year and a half before he passed away, I was sitting with him while he had his breakfast of Chocolate milk and Chocolate Cheerios and I was talking as I do, maybe you’ve noticed.  Anyway, I asked him “Dad, If you could do anything or accomplish anything what would it be?”  He took a while, and I could tell he was thinking.  I thought he might say something like he would like to catch the biggest flounder ever caught. He really loved catching flounder.   Or I thought he may say he’d like to fight a big fire, he truly loved being a firefighter.  Or I even considered he may say he’d like to ride the quad down in Rocky Point with his grandkids.  Instead he surprised me and went really deep.  His response was this.  “I’d like to work hard and buy a place where my kids could grow up and raise their families to all love Jesus”. 

Drop the mic!  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I said though crying tears “Dad, you did it! You have accomplished all that!”  Then he looked sideways at me with his little grin, knowing he had just opened an amazing world to me.  His entire life had been on laser focus.  He knew what he was working for, and he knew what it would take to accomplish that goal! He had defined his motivation, his belief and had set his focus on what had to be done and then he consistently did the do! What a HERO! What an example for me!

I hope you can find your motivation so you can set your focus on what needs to be done to accomplish your life dreams.  Take some time and write down exactly what that dream is, and exactly what it will take to make it happen.  And then set yourself on a path to follow that will focus on finding your dreams fulfilled. 

Hopefully you find your Monday Motivation today! 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Changes in Life

     Wow, it's been almost a year since I visited here.   Not to say there aren't other things I've written in other places, but here sharing with the few and faithful is where I feel most at home. 

     Speaking of home, I lost part of my Home last year.  My father went to his new heavenly home in December 2017.  While losing a loved one is such a hard thing to live with, I think the harder part was watching him deteriorate over the past years.  He indeed was the first man I ever loved and will love forever.  This is what I wrote the morning after he left.  

My daddy passed away last night 
He now walks on streets of gold,
The angel choir was there to greet him,

with those gone on before.
His joy today can’t be contained,
His pain it's gone forever,
While basking in the love of God
The One who died to save him.
My heart may ache and long for him,
I'd never bring him back,
His journey here has been completed
and mine is still in task.
I pray that he will guide my steps 
From there up high above me,
Just as he did while here on earth
While standing right beside me.
A greater man I'll never know
His strength and love for me was strong
His whole life spent for me to feel
Cared for, loved and nurtured.
Until that day when I see him again
I'll do my best to follow 
The blueprints he left for me 
A good and faithful servant.
~Brenda Johnson

     As you can see I was then and am still now feeling the heart break and sorrow for him leaving.  I know he is so much better off. My Christian faith and the belief of a heavenly home that my dad helped culture in my soul gives me great comfort.

     Another big decision in my life also happened last September.  I am planning to retire.  July of 2018 is the target time frame.  It's a big decision. I've been working on getting all the ducks in a row to leave my steady bi-monthly paycheck behind.  Don't worry I'm not going blindly.  I have other plans in the works with every confidence that I am making a step in the right direction.  
    My family and my health is a top priority for me now.  If anything watching my Fathers deterioration has helped open my eyes that's it more important than ever to be aware of our health.  Watching my older relatives suffer with health issues makes me want to find a better solution.  Is it possible to live healthier longer or is it just that your stuck with the genes you get?  I don't know.  But what I do know is in nature, better conditions usually produce better quality.  Animals that have healthy environments usually produce better quality product. You wouldn't put water in your car's gas tank so why would you put sub-standard nutrition in your body? Something to think about!
    So bring on 2018, I am ready for challenges to reach the goals I've set.  Not unrealistic goal, but specific goals in Health, Wealth and Relationships. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's a good day to get Started

Yes... Yes, it is a good day to get started!  Don't you agree?  Why wouldn't you? Who wants to sit around and get stale? What's the point of not working towards the goals you've set?  Wait, you haven't set any goals?  You don't want to change?  You already reached your goals?  You are perfectly content?  Seriously? So obviously, I am here to try to change your mind.  Even when things are great I don't think you should ever stop growing, moving, striving to reach your goals, or at least your spouse’s goals if you haven't bothered to set any for yourself. Goals, what or why should we have them?  Let's take a look.

 goalɡōl/nounplural noun: goals1.    1.
(in football, soccer, rugby, hockey, and some other games) a pair of posts linked by a crossbar and often with a net attached behind it, forming a space into or over which the ball has to be sent in order to score.o     o     2.    2.
the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result."going to law school has become the most important goal in his life"

The word is an accomplishment.  The very definition of a goal is point worthy, and an object of desire, ambition, EFFORT.  Hello?  So why wouldn't you have a few?

 OK so truthfully, it took me a while to realize I really needed to set my own goals.  To "Believe" in my own goals. To attempt to "Achieve" my own goals.  I spent a lot of time coasting, just going with the flow no pressure, no motivation no drive no direction.   Not sure why I thought it would be OK to be that way.  No doubt many looked at me and thought, "what a waste".  It's true when I look back at myself I think that, but I don't live in the past I am currently goal driven to the.....now and the future.   

Another reason we should have goals.  The scripture clearly says we should,
take a look. Philippians3:14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.1 Timothy 1:5The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.Philippians3:12Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.  
SO… when you start looking for me, start in the area’s where I’ll be Believing & Achieving. Because that’s my GOAL.  

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why I post on Social Media

Many people may wonder why I post so much on social media.  And even if you don’t wonder I’m going to tell you why.  Some are aware that I don’t have the best memory.  It’s my problem and I’m not sure why I have it but I know I have it, I recognize the issue and I’ve done ok living with it.  For a long time, I’ve relied on my siblings, family and friends to “help” me remember things that I think I should remember, but for some reason the memory bank just doesn’t produce.   My memory problem is a very real problem to me. 

It bothers me that I don’t remember “stuff”.  However, I realistically took a look at my family history and pretty much can see the writing on the wall and that is one reason why I post a lot on Facebook and other social media sites.  The old saying "A Picture is worth a thousand words" is so true for me in fact I used to be a picture taker, I have always had a camera and I have loads of picture albums from days before cell phones.  So now with cell phone pictures making it so easy and convenient to just upload a post. And doesn't everyone love it when Facebook tells me I have memories to look back on. And when I look it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart because, Yes.. I love good memories.

Now the second reason I post a lot is because I want others to post a lot.  I truly love reading the posts and seeing the stories that make up our lives, especially those special things that my family do or say.  One of the saddest moments of any day is when I open my social media and see that none of my family or close friends have posted anything.

I know for a fact to have friends you must be friendly.  And in the end only the friendships you have cultivated to create a love and trust relationship will sustain the test of time.  One of the saddest things in the world is when I go to visit Dad at his home, and hear the stories from the caregivers that no one comes to visit some of the other people who live there. Now there is of course another obvious reason why no one comes and that is because the Alzheimer’s patients don’t remember who the people are that come even if they do come.   But still it’s a proven fact that we all need affection, love, interaction with other humans. 

So back to my original question.  Why do I post?  Because I want to save my memories.  And to me right now social media is the easiest most convenient way for me to file those memories for quick access.  Just remember I’m counting on you to make a few post yourself.  I want to hear about your grandkids, and who had the most delicious dinner ever or if you are watching the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen in your life.  Or maybe it’s just something simple that you talked to your dad, or you heard a good joke.  Share it, let me be a part of your life too.  We are friends for some reason or another and that means I want to hear from you.  

Saturday, July 16, 2016

He Must Love You Very Much


Unfortunately, Thursday was not a good day.  At least for the many people I had the privileged to talk to on the phone while answering their 911 call.  I say privilege because it truly is.

I recently read a quote "Many people go through their life wondering if they made a difference in others lives."  I don't have to wonder, I know I do every day.  Especially while I'm working.

One of the first calls I answered this particular Thursday went something like this.

Me: "Emergency dispatcher, what is the address of the emergency?"

At this point most people who are having true emergencies either aren't listening or just too upset to hear the question,  they immediately break into their story of what's wrong and why they need my help.

"My husband won't respond to me, this is the first time since I've known him that he didn't wake up immediately when I walk into the room.  He's a very light sleeper, but he's not waking up, he's breathing but won't wake up.  Please hurry and send some help"

Immediately my heart is starting to break,  It's fairly early about 6:30am and in my experience this is not a good beginning to the story.

I ask her again what is the address and immediately start the help when she confirms it.  Unconscious person, lights and sirens.  And I assure her help is on the way. Then I continue the questioning.

"Are you sure he's breathing? When was the last time you saw him awake?"

"Last night we went to bed around 10pm."  Her voice is frantic and she continues spilling information and I type it in the call as quickly as possible.  "Our 50th wedding anniversary will be on the 23rd, He always wakes up when I walk in the room.  But my son has been calling him and I've been checking on him this morning.  He has Parkinson, and dementia, his hand trembles terribly, we found his hose loose on his c-pap machine but we plugged it back and he is breathing, he must have accidentally pulled it loose in his sleep."

My heart is sinking lower and I am holding back the tears, I need to be steady, a rock in this time of crisis I can't let her hear the sadness in my voice she needs to believe for a while longer that the love of her life is still with her. I finish my questioning and then we just talk, while we wait for the paramedics.

I talk to her about how much he must love her to light up so every time she walks in the room.  She takes joy in hearing this at least it seems she does. The frantic in her voice lessen a little yet the concern is still very present.  I tell her to talk to him and let him know help is coming, I tell her he can probably hear her and will be comforted by her voice. Her voice is soft and loving when she talks to him.  I can tell it's a relationship that has been nurtured for a long time.

I continue to calm and reassure her help is coming. I ask her to be sure her son unlocks the door and get her husbands medications out so the paramedics can see what he takes.  It's routine now, there isn't much else we can do until the paramedics arrive.  The c-pap machine is breathing for him or at least giving the appearance that he is breathing.  She is holding his hand. It's time to keep it calm until help arrives and can take over.

The minutes seem like hours as I assure her help is coming.  She talks about their wedding and what a happy day it was.  She tells me her son lives with them now since her husband has been sick.   I am glad at this moment I hope and pray he is able to provide the comfort she will need in the coming days, weeks, months.  I don't tell her it will be OK, I'm pretty sure it's not going to be OK.  But I keep reminding her how much He Loves Her.  I hope she will remember that for a very long time.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rescue in the Sky!

**This story is based on an actual event.  Neil is my father and he told me of this Rescue that he performed when he worked at Kitt Peak.  I am not sure of the exact date of this rescue but I think it was in the late 60's.  I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoying hearing him tell it over dinner one evening in 2013.** 

Neil was in his early thirties when he moved with his wife and three kids from his hometown in Beaumont, Texas to Tucson, Arizona. When Neil lived in Texas he was a firefighter.  He loved his job and all the excitement that came with being a fireman. In Tucson the fire department wasn’t hiring so after trying a few odd jobs Neil went to work for Kitt Peak National Observatory.   You can find their website here @  http://www.noao.edu/kpno/

Kitt Peak National Observatory is a facility built on the tallest peak in southern Arizona.  Kitt Peak has huge telescopes pointed toward the dark night skies in the Arizona Desert. Scientist from all over the world travel to Kitt Peak to observe and study the stars to learn and discover new and exciting things about this amazing world we live in. Kitt Peak was founded in 1958 and in the late sixties when Neil was working there it was still in the process of building new telescopes and buildings in the complex. 

Neil was hired to be a supervisor in charge of the custodian department.  He took pride in his job. Always doing his best to inspire and help those that worked under him.  At that time there was a single fire truck on the mountain and everyone who worked on the mountain was told that if there was ever an emergency they should turn the siren on the fire truck to alert the rest of the community that there was an emergency. 

One normal day everyone was busy working on their projects. The cooks were cooking, the scientist were sleeping waiting for the evening hours when they could study the stars in the dark of night, the custodians were cleaning, the construction workers building, the painters were painting. There was always a lot of work to keep the telescopes clean and spotless.

Jimmy was a painter. He had been hired by the contractor to repaint the outside walls of the big solar telescope. The solar telescope is a huge telescope that the scientists use to study the sun. 

Jimmy got to work and hooked on his safety belt, climbed up the scaffolding, three stories in all and climbed into the safety basket and pulled himself up 65 feet in the air to start painting. He thought he tied the basket tightly but for some reason his counter weight came undone. The next thing Jimmy knew he was falling down and falling down fast. His safety belt caught him and jerked him out of the safety basket and left him dangling in the air about 60 feet from the ground while his safety basket kept falling till it finally stopped about 20 feet below him.
Another worker happened to see Jimmy when he fell and ran to the building where Neil was working to tell him of the fall. Neil jumped on the fire truck, turned on the siren and quickly drove to the big telescope. He left the siren going and ran to see Jimmy dangling in the air from his safety belt. 

Neils’ firefighting training kicked in and he immediately sprang into action. Neil quickly instructed the others to help pull the scaffolding over and under the safety basket. Neil then climbed the scaffolding and grabbed the end of a rope that was hanging from the safety basket. Neil then climbed the dangling rope hand over hand about 30 feet up and got in the safety basket. Then he pulled himself and the basket to where Jimmy was dangling in the air. Neil asked Jimmy if he was ok and after checking that Jimmy was alright Neil pulled Jimmy into the basket and cut Jimmy loose from his safety belt that had left him dangling from the tall telescope. The other workers had brought a big ladder and set it up on the scaffolding. Neil let the basket down to the ladder and he and Jimmy climbed down the ladder and then down the scaffolding to safety. 

Neil went back to work, not realizing the impact his heroic efforts had on the rest of the community. Word spread quickly on the mountain and the story of the “Rescue in the Sky” reached the Superintendent.
The next day the Superintendent called Neil into his office. He told Neil that because of his heroic efforts they decided to double his salary and put him in charge of not only the custodian department but also the cooks and the fire department.
Once again Neil was doing the job that he loved!